Roleplay Starters – Short – Hetalia

Exploring proved to be a mistake.


Exploring proved to be a mistake. Lukas’ curiosity got the best of him as he had the sudden urge to voyage south. He had been told many stories about how the south was rid of ice entirely. In fact, it didn’t even snow. So of course, he wanted to see this so called ‘sun-drenched’ tropical wonderland. It was hard to imagine life as such a thing. A place that knows no season? Seems mythical. Preposterous. Fabled. You know what else seems unreal? The fact that Lukas now stood on his ship dumbfounded and angered. Before him was an opposing ship, which used tactics he had not seen before. These people certainly did not fight like vikings, and because of that, Lukas began to take this as an embarrassing defeat. There was nothing he could do as his own ship was set afire. Roped anchors flew past his head dangerously to wreak even more havoc as these foreign enemies were able to use such weapons to force the ships close to each other. They were going to board his ship. Were these the so called ‘pirates’ he had been told about? Either way, Lukas clutched tightly to his grimoire, ready to combat the leader of this aggressive ship. He refuses to surrender. His eyes scanned along the battles amongst the crews in search of who he assumed was the one in charge. All the while, he cast upon spells to those in his way of his search.

‘Hunnerd Word Drabs – 『Outside The Window』

I am — without a doubt — not a morning bird.

I am — without a doubt — not a morning bird. Dawn is a battle against will, energy, and the drive to continue the manmade function of digital time. Though, in here, weekdays, ends and holidays are a myth. Here, there is but night and day, and I loosely keep track of that.


In the brief period of gazing through barred glass, my skin welcomes the kiss of the sun’s warm rays. A match is flicked upon my gas-drenched veins; creating a living, breathing, burning desire to sprint past these leering predators and into the city of the grand but vastly unknown.